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With Design Your Time you can

  • Learn about and apply the fundamental elements of change

  • Tap into your motivation and engagement, to make sure you do what is important to you

  • Pick up the habit of asking the questions that keep you active, engaged, productive

FAQ about Nexen and Design Your Time

  • How long is the course?

    The course has 21 lessons at the moment, but we keep adding :) How long it takes largely depends on how much time you spend on the exercises we propose, which entails mostly reflection and writing. It varies from 5 hours to 8 hours. The course has 3 main parts and we strongly advise participants to space them out through 3-4 weeks. The important work is what you will be doing when you are not doing the course, so we recommend taking the time to experiment, try, fail, succeed!

  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a support relationship in which, through a structured process, the coach helps the coachee to find solutions, develop new behaviors, face challenges. The coach mostly asks questions and actively listens to the answers, with the goal of helping the coachee to come up with solutions.

  • Why "design"?

    Design finds answers to the problem of the world. Good design removes what is not needed, leaving only the essential. This is the spirit that guided us to build Design Your Time, to ultimately guide the participants to use the tools, techniques and questions that work for them in their time management, not more. One of the frequent prompts throughout the course is to experiment and try new things, get feedback, adapt, try again. This iteration process is one of the fundamentals of design.

  • Where is Nexen from and can I have a valid invoice?

    Nexen is an Italian company and applies Italian laws, including VAT. If you need an invoice for your business contact us after the purchase and we will be happy to provide you with one!

Nexen - Who we are

Nexen is a coaching and consulting company founded in 2020 by Simona Ferri. 

In Nexen, we believe that we can all benefit from an approach to work (and life!) that is genuine and holistic. We thing that everyone brings value to themselves, to their clients or employer and to society at large. 

Our vision: people working on their development and explore their potential, increasing their own happiness and contributing positively to society.

We help Clients find the skills, mindest, tools and alignment that they need to reach their goals. 

Supporting the emerging potential of individuals, teams and companies is our passion!

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