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Welcome from Simona, what to expect, resources, and a brief survey


What is change and how do we approach it? What are the elements that are needed for us to really make a change in our lives? 

Alignment: when we align who we are and what is important for us with where we want to go, what we do comes naturally. 


In this part, with the help of a biographer, we explore what is important to us and ask ourselves whether that is visible in our everyday lives. 


Chances are, we want to improve our lives: be happier, be healthier, have better relationships, get promoted or advance in our line of work, whatever. That's where we want to go, those will be our goals. 

We also need priorities, because at some points we will have to choose what to do and if our priorities are not clear, someone else will choose for us. We explore here different way to establish priorities. The participants will then pick, try and adapt the method that is more effective for them. 


So we know what is important to us, we know where we want to go and what are the priorities. Now we need to get going, we need to act. Preferably, we need to get things done as effectively as possible. 

This part presents various productivity techniques and the questions and reflections behind them. Once again, the participants are encouraged to experiment and build their own tools. 


A few parting words regarding making sure that the system built by each participant evolves with them. 

Your Instructor

Simona Ferri

Founder of Nexen and Senior Coach

After 15 years in an international consulting company, as Managing Director of Italy, first, and China, later, then International HR Director, Simona left to pursue her true passion, people development. She trained as a Coach (she is certified as Senior Practitioner with EMCC) and as a LEGO Serious Play facilitator, because she really believes in the power of play. After a few years as a freelancer, she launched Nexen at the beginning of 2020, with a coaching, consulting and training offer. Design Your Time is her brainchild and comes after many years of attempts to improve her productivity and leave behind procrastination. It combines coaching and design thinking to lead the participants to create their own time management approach. After two years of physical and virtual classrooms, Design Your Time is now available as e-learning experience.

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